The Most Versatile monolith sign system available.

For over 30 years we have listened, learnt, delivered and exceeded our customers expectations culminating in the product you see before you. This unique product offers you the chance to fit almost any type of metal panel into it, glass sheets, vitreous enamel panels, acrylic, poster cases, stone slabs and so on. Many of which can be illuminated for both day and night presence in the most demanding of urban and rural environments.

We believe we have engineered a system that architects, wayfinding experts, designers, town planners and professional sign makers will embrace and with its flexibility afford you the opportunity to offer your customer a quality product, on budget, every time.

“Look” is able to adapt to its surroundings, being equally at home in a busy city centre, university campus, hospital or indeed, the grounds of a national trust property. “Look” will sit in any location awaiting its opportunity to offer a guiding hand to those that might be lost or confused.


Simplicity is the heart of all the best ideas and “Look” is no exception.

A one piece, well designed, aluminium extrusion gives the solid frame on which to adorn your chosen substrate and simple, but well designed, baseplates leave the construction (panels aside) as a simple two item affair making manufacture quick and cost effective.

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Just “LOOK”


how it works

With “Look” built from an extruded aluminium profile we have managed to design in many features to make it a truly versatile system.

Image module

Once the external frame is made (with either legs extending below the sign for bury or baseplates) the panels, directories and more can then be incorporated with no visible fixings to the sides if preferred.

Both CNC cut aluminium panels as well as glass panels can be illuminated with either LED modules or lightsheet for constant guidance whatever the time of the day or night.

Example Diagram

8mm glass (or other material) inset and fixed with our extruded silicone beading

Example Diagram

3mm router cut aluminium panels with LEDs on 8mm foamex


The final details are often those that make a product most striking.

The “Look” framework come in a brushed stainless steel look AA25 (external) anodized finish.

However it can also be powder coated in a range of colours to suit your requirement, including all Ral and British Standard Colours as well as most Pantone colours. It can also be colour matched to a corporate colours if required.

Image module

size range

“LOOK” is available in a range of sizes to fit its requirement and surroundings.

The size of a sign can make all the difference when it comes to it. If the sign is not placed correctly and of the wrong size then it may not be as useful as it first intention.

“Look” is available in three different sizes, Slim, Midi, and Large. The sizes are detailed in the diagram to the left and will give you a rough representation of how they work in their surroundings.

The diagram gives you an indication of the figures heights.

Bespoke sizes are also available.

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“Look” is manufactured by leading sign trade supplier “Simplex” and sold only to professional sign companies.

If you would like a list of our preferred partners please get in touch.


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